Are Washable Filters the Best Choice for Air Purifiers?

Washable HEPA filters are highly effective at removing ozone particles and contaminants from indoor air with 99 or 97 percent efficiency rate. Learn more about washable vs permanent filters for air purifiers.

Are Washable Filters the Best Choice for Air Purifiers?

Washable HEPA filters are highly effective at removing ozone particles and contaminants from indoor air, with a 99 or 97 percent efficiency rate. These filters are cleaned by rinsing them with cold water and can last several years. Permanent filters, when new, are completely clean and therefore 100% as effective as they can be. When I came across the Loytio A5B, I was impressed by its features.

This unit has three layers of protection, including a prefilter, activated carbon, and a HEPA H13 filter, all of which have been tested to capture microscopic particles. It also has an impressive 206 CFM Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), making it suitable for medium to large spaces. In addition to quality filters and extensive room coverage, the Loytio A5B also has useful features such as a timer for 2 to 8 hours, sleep mode, and washable filters. To clean the A5B's filters, simply remove any build-up of particles with a vacuum and let the carbon deodorize in the sun.

There's even a warning light that lets you know when the filters need to be cleaned. This unit is not the most powerful on our list but it will offer an ideal solution for smaller rooms up to 160 square feet, thanks to its versatile design that allows it to stand upright or in a horizontal position. Its small size and lightweight design mean it won't take up valuable floor space and can be easily transported from room to room. However, with new and innovative technology, there can always be questions about its efficiency and application.

It's hard not to make comparisons with some of Honeywell's proven mechanical filter purifiers, such as the HPA 300, which costs less than the Air Genius 5 and offers much more, with a CADR score almost double and double room coverage. The XPOWER X-3380 is another machine to consider, thanks to its powerful motors that allow two complete air changes per hour in a room of up to 900 square feet, supported by a CADR score of 600 CFM. It has four stages of filtration, with two nylon prefilters that can capture 90% of all larger particles and two inner pleated filters that eliminate all other contaminants such as allergens, mold, and bacteria. Each level of the filter can then be removed, washed, and reinstalled to continue providing fresh air. The X5 is also very easy to use with an automatic mode that monitors air quality in your space and adjusts the four speeds of the purifier's fan accordingly.

It also has a sleep mode that turns off the lights and works at a meager 22 dB so you can get a good night's rest. Normal air purifying filters must be replaced every six to 12 months to operate at optimal levels but permanent filters allow you to clean them as often as you want, keeping the unit's operating efficiency at its peak. Monthly energy consumption costs were calculated using our air purifier electricity usage calculator. The filter contains an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to pull particles out of the air as they travel through the filter. For more information on IDF filters vs HEPA filters or air washers vs air purifiers, please refer to our website.

When you replace a HEPA filter, you have a 100% guarantee that it is 100% as effective as a HEPA filter. Washable air filters are permanent because they don't need to be changed or replaced; they just have to be washed according to the manufacturer's specifications and should last practically forever. However, you should remember that buying an air purifier with a washable filter during wildfires is not recommended because these devices do not usually have a built-in carbon filter and are not as effective at eliminating smoke and odors from wildfires as devices with a carbon filter. A number of air purifiers offer a washable filter option but Smart Air found that vacuuming the filter will provide little benefit after cleaning it. This means that you'll spend much more time going through the process of removing, cleaning, and replacing a permanent filter than removing and replacing a HEPA filter. Generally speaking, both washable and permanent filters are the same type of filter and should be permanent in theory.

When selecting which washable air filter is right for you, consider the cost of the reusable air filter and air purifier and the potential savings you can get compared to units with a disposable filter. With such knowledge about air cleaning, you can trust that your permanent filter purifier will provide safe results.

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